[into the breach]

Philosophy & Decadence

Everyone’s a whore for something.

Sometimes you have to choose between moving forward fearfully and staying where you are miserably.

The advantage philosophy will always hold over science is that, where science deals only in facts, philosophy deals also in meaning.

Maxim of action: Accept the unchangeable and change the unacceptable.

We live at the twilight crossing between heaven and hell. This purgatorial midway between them is our home.

What, if anything, is the meaning of life?

Sometimes rock bottom provides the firmest foundation.

—Aphorisms and ammo

The philosopher thinks deeply and the poet feels deeply. Mercy upon the philosopher-poet whose lot is such a doubling of depths.

When a question mark seals the gate of eternity,  every moment of life is invested with renewed importance.

What the hell do I know?